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Child Custody


As a parent and having been through a divorce, we understand the effect on a child once the parents have separated.  Going through a child custody case is not easy and very emotional not only for the parent, but also for the child.  We are routinely asked by fellow attorneys and courts to represent a child in heavy contested child custody battles.  We personally see how child custody battles negatively affect a child.

There are many options on a child custody case if the parents can come to an agreement.  You have traditional agreements, where the child lives primarily with one parent, the other parent has possession and access a few weekends a month, mid-week possession during the school year, extra time during the summer and holidays.  However, Texas law keeps changing and giving the parents more freedom to come to unique agreements, such as complete shared custody.  Shared agreements give the parents nearly equal amount of time and do not need a primary conservator.  There are also other types of unique agreements that divide the rights and duties and times of possession to customize the parties’ agreement.  Coming to an agreement on a child is generally what is in the best interest for the child, but an agreement is not always possible.  We will fully inform you of your rights and duties of a parent, options, and legal courses of action.  Texas is unlike most states, in that you have a right to a jury trial on the issue of who should have custody.

Normally, if a case is going to trial, depending on the county, the courts appoint an attorney for the child, and sometimes may order a forensic psychological to conduct a custody evaluation of the parents and child for a recommendation for custody and possession.

We have handled numerous trials, both judge and jury, in both original and modification proceedings on child custody and also child custody disputes where the parents reside in different states.

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