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WillA will takes effect upon the death of a person.  Texas recognizes many different types of will.  We draft traditional wills where no living trust exists.  If you have a living trust, you need a different type of will.

We can customize a will to your desires.  You have the option to leave your estate to whomever you desire, and even a non-profit entity or organization.  There is no forced heirship in the state of Texas.

In the bequest portion of a will, you can give specific bequests, such as certain amount of money or certain piece of property to a specified person or place.  You can also do a general bequests, such as where all you own goes to your spouse, if living, and if not living, then your children in equal value.

If there is a possibility of a child inheriting property, then we draft trust provisions customized to age and conditions and nominate trustees.  If you have children, then we can include guardianship provisions in the event of a death.

All wills need a person to be responsible for handling the estate and that is called an executor or executrix.  We can put in alternatives in the event the person listed is unable to serve in that capacity.

We are very creative in drafting wills.  We can include other provisions, such as burial or cremation and how it is to be handled.  A will is a document that every person should have in the event of an unexpected occurrence.

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